University of Illinois at Chicago:

    PolS 578 Democracy, Globalization, and International Conflict (graduate)

    PolS 572 International Political Economy (graduate)

    PolS 571 Seminar in International Relations (graduate)

    PolS 501 Data Analysis II (graduate)

    PolS 401 Data Analysis I (graduate)

    PolS 389a Terrorism, War, and Children (undergraduate)

    PolS 389b Democracy, Terrorism, and Globalization (undergraduate)

    PolS 384 International Relations Theory (undergraduate)

    PolS 284 International Security (undergraduate)

    PolS 232 Korean Politics and Films (undergraduate)
   Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada:

    INAF 5405 International Organizations in International Affairs (graduate)

  University of Missouri, Columbia:

    PS 101 Democracy, Terrorism, and International Conflict (undergraduate)

  Columbia College:

    POSC 321A Politics of Developing Nations (undergraduate)

    POSC 292 International Relations (undergraduate)